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At Pest Shield our aim is to provide a solution to any pest problems you might come across. Whether you need Residential or Commercial Pest Control we can take care of a range of pests issues.

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  • Affordable rates

    We offer affordable Pest Control Treatments. Contact us to beat a written quote today.

  • Same Day Service

    With multiple technicians on the road we can provide same day service to the Melbourne Region

  • Safe Pest Control

    All pesticides used by Pest Shield are premium, non-fuming products which pose no risk to children or pets.

  • After Hours Call-Out Available

    We offer limited early and late appointment slots. Either 6AM or 6PM.

  • Warranty

    We offer warranties on all our standard treatments.

Current Pest Control Packages

Our packages are always tailored to suit any given property and will change depending on seasonal pests. Contact us for a free quote.


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  • Interior Only
  • Roof Void & Subfloor
  • Rats & Mice
  • Termite Assessment

3+ Months Warranty


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  • Interior & Exterior
  • Roof Void & Subfloor
  • Termite Assessment
  • Rats & Mice

6 Months Warranty

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Safe, low-toxic pest management

Common pests like Spiders, Cockroaches, and Ants have been plaguing homes in Melbourne since before we even got here! But don’t worry – we’ve got a safe, effective pest control option that we can tailor for your home – keeping your family and pets safe is the focus of our company.

Termite Inspections, Baiting & Treated Zones

1 in 3 Homes in Melbourne will be subject to termite attack in its lifetime and NO insurance company covers for termite damage. This is scary when your home or property is your primary investment. Don’t stress – we conduct expert inspections and can take care of those termites to give you peace of mind.

lasting & effective management systems

Pests can often be a big headache for any established business, especially if you deal with food and food preparation. Rats, mice and grain feeding beetles can become a big headache if left untended – give us a call and we’ll defend your business against all manner of pests!

Common Pests In Melbourne

If you have a pest infestation other than those below please call or email us for a same day quote

  • Spiders

    Interior & Exterior Spider Treatments

  • Cockroaches

    Interior & Exterior Cockroach Treatments

  • Bed Bugs

    Property & Furniture Treatments

  • Ants

    Interior & Exterior Ant Treatments

  • Ticks

    Complete Property Spray & Protection

  • Rats & Mice

    Baiting System Installations & Rodent Trapping

  • Termites

    Colony Elimination, Baiting & Monitoring, Chemical Barriers

  • Fleas

    Complete Treatments & End Of Lease Fumigation

  • Flying Insects

    Treatment of Wasps, Flies, Bees & Mosquitoes

Areas We Service

We are based in South Eastern Melbourne and service the Melbourne Region.

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