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Scratch scratch in your roof?

Have you ever laid in bed at night and heard a scratching noise and thought, is it a rat!? I’m guessing most of us have and it’s something that happens to everyone at some point. The question usually is, what are they doing in my roof? Well there can be a few reasons why Rats and Mice like to set up camp in your roof, but the most common reason is because of the warmth.

During the colder months of the year Rodents look for warmer places to nest. They are mammals just like us and need the warmth to survive. There are obviously other reasons why they might like your roof too like the shelter it provides, easy access to food and also the moisture. Rats only need a tiny bit of moisture to survive each day and they can get it from their food.

How do we keep them out?

I’m guessing your next question would be, how do I keep them from getting into my roof? Well, there are a few ways you can prevent Rodents from entering you roof void.

1. If you know that they are already in the roof, Rodent bait needs to be placed in your roof void in order to drive them out.

2. If you know you have issues with rodents in your area, a better way to do it is to set up a few Rodent bait stations in your yard so that they can find the bait before they even get to your roof.

3. A more permanent way to prevent them from entering your roof is to completely proof off any entry points they might have. This is usually the more expensive option but can be more affordable in the long term.

Storm rodent bait by BASF

Storm Rodent bait by BASF

Rodents are nocturnal creatures and also neophobic. That means that they are most active during the night and also tent to avoid anything new that’s introduced to their surroundings. This means that when it comes to baiting, it can be more complicated then in sounds. Sometimes pre baiting is required with some of their favorite snacks in order the get them to get used to entering a bait station. There are also different types of bait, some are a single feed and other multiple feed. Different baits are used for different situations. In places where you can’t have the risk of a dead carcass that’s inaccessible, like hospitals, trapping of the rodents is required.

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