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Ant control Sydney

Ants can be a problem once they’ve established themselves inside your home or business. In some cases, they can be very hard to get rid of as well. It’s not known if Ants carry any diseases on them but one doesn’t know where they’ve been, therefore you probably don’t want them walking all through your cupboards. It is important that one investigate the origin of any Ant problem before a treatments get done to your home. Below you will find some helpful information about how to deal with them and what the most effective ways are to treat them.

To control Ants effectively, one needs to be knowledgable about their nesting and habits. An inspection should always be carried out first in order to establish where they’re coming from and what they’re after. After an inspection is carried out, a trained technician will be able to make the decision on what the most effective way would be to treat the Ants. The direct application to the nest can be the most effective and provide long term control or by creating a chemical barrier between the Ants and their food source.

Non-chemical control

One of the first things that will always be recommended is hygiene and proper sanitation in and around the building. It is important that food inside the building are always stored in sealed containers and scrubs are cleaned up after the preparation. The outdoors should be kept free of food sources like pet food, bones, and dirty bottles or cans.

Chemical control

To be the most effective with chemicals when controlling Ants, an inspection to locate the nest is very important. It is important that assumptions regarding the nesting site should not be made. When they are, for example, found in a window seal and a treatment to the seal and wall cavity is carried out because it was assumed that the nest would be there, they could just as well just be travelling through the wall from the exterior of the building ant the treatment would be ineffective. When the nesting site is located the treatment would consist of:

The application of pesticide directly to the nest. This may involve the use of liquid pesticide, dusts or gels. Depending on the situation, this may require drilling to be able to gain better access.

When a nest can’t be treated directly, a chemical barrier between the nesting site and food source will be created. This means that liquid pesticide, dusts and gels will be applied to any areas where they travel between their nest and food source.

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The most obvious way is if you find live Ants on your property. If they are found inside your home and in your food, you have a problem and need to treat it right away. If small piles of soil are found in your yard, they are most likely Ant mounts and they are an obvious sign of activity in your yard.

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