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Bed Bug control Sydney

Ever since traveling became more affordable in the late 1990’s bed bugs became a real problem worldwide. After the 2000 Olympics in Australia, Bed bugs became more and more prevalent in hotels and backpackers. At Pest Shield we’ve tailored our Bed Bug treatments by only using the highest quality chemicals and methods that enables you to rest assured. Below you can find some more information about them and the most effective way to deal with them.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are insects that feed only on blood. The name of these insects came from their habitat. They prefer warm areas and are known to infest places where humans sleep, like the bed. They are usually active during the night and feed on their host unnoticed. There are some health concerns when it comes to Bed Bugs as they can leave rashes over the body. It is also proven that they can have a psychological effect on people.

What do they look like?

Adult Bed Bugs are brown in colour with no wings and an oval shape. They are six legged with two antennas connected to their head. Adults grow up to 5mm in length and about 3mm wide.

How do I know I have Bed Bugs?

The obvious way of telling if there are Bed Bugs present in your dwelling is by bite marks on someones skin. They leave a very distinct rash on the skin and any Doctor would be able to identify these marks. Other ways are by looking for evidence like blood stains, shedded exoskeletons and the bugs themselves.

Bed Bug FAQ

If you feel itchy during the night and you have rashes or a breakout on your skin, it’s always best to seek the opinion of a medical professional.

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