Pre-Construction Treatment

At Pest Shield we take pride in our service to Builders and Construction company’s to provide them with the best and cost effective Pre-Construction Termite Treatments. Every situation is different therefore we provide multiple options for Pre-Con. Because one in every three homes are affected by Termites in their lifetime, it is the new Australian Standard 3660.1-2000 that every new structure should have some sort of protection against Termites.

Physical Barrier

The believe is that a pre construction treatment offers protection against Termites, but that’s not really how it works. They work a bit differently, a pre construction Termite treatment usually assist in the detection of Termites rather then stopping them from attacking your home. The way it is installed forces Termites into detection zones where they can easily be detected with a standard visual inspection.

Termite inspections still needs to be carried out at least annually to be able to detect any Termite workings in it’s early stage. This is a common mistake made by homeowners as they believe that the pre construction treatment will stop any Termites gaining access to their home.

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