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Sydney has a large variety of pests: cockroaches, ants, termites, and spiders – just to name a few. As such pest control has become a necessity for homes that have children and/or pets to ensure their safety.
Though adults can be vigilant and safe around spiders curious children and pets can get bitten when they wander around the garden.

Living In Sydney, Pest Control might be what you need to keep your home spider free. Contact Pest Shield today for a free quote. Our technicians also provide practical advise on keeping spiders from taking over your home !


The Redback Spider is one of the most well-known Spiders in Australia and is common in all urban areas. They tend to build their webs in places that provide shelter for them and prefers dry areas that provide sunlight as well as a shade. The spider would be found hiding usually somewhere along the top of the web.

The best way to control these Spiders would be to regularly inspect the areas that they would prefer to live in. One can actually remove these spiders without harming them. By moving their whole nest with the Spider in it can be one way or to roll up their webs with a stick with all the egg sacks on it to effectively move the spiders nesting if wished to do so.

Always wear gloves when gardening or inspecting areas where they might live to avoid any unfortunate events with a Redback.

Sydney Funnel Web

The Funnel Web Spider is one of the world’s most venomous Spiders and will do significant damage to their victim’s nervous system. These Spiders lives in holes in the ground which are about an inch wide. If you come across a hole in the ground on your property and wonder if it is a Funnel Web, what you look for signs of the web in the inside and near the opening of the hole. Funnel Webs likes to make their holes in places that are moist and damp and provides some sort of shelter from something like a rock or even leaves on the ground.

The male Funnel Web is the one looking for the female and will leave its burrow mostly at night in order to find a mate or food. It is rare for the female to leave its hole but in occasions like heavy rain or even gardening, the female will be forced to exit her burrow. Males can be found roaming around in wet weather or at night.

In some cases, Funnel Webs are found in swimming pools. Most people will assume that the spider is dead but they can actually trap small pockets of air around their abdominal area and survive underwater for about a day and a half. Take care when removing theses Spiders from pools as they are most likely still alive.

White Tail

This Spider doesn’t make any webs and wanders around at night looking for food. They are 1 to 2cm long with a darker colour abdomen with a cream coloured spot on the tip. Because of their wandering nature, on occasions, it can lead them into homes and other buildings.

This Spider can be very sneaky and hard to find. From our experience these Spiders prefers damp areas like the bathroom and laundry rooms but they’re defiantly not limited to these areas.

It is always a good idea to inspect your laundry and shoes before wearing them. They can easily hide in small areas.

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