Termite Baiting


Once a Baiting and monitoring system has been installed, our TermiShield program offers a full year of monitoring and maintaining your system which is included in the initial installation cost. This program has been developed to give you complete peace of mind and ensure excellent termite control. The package also offers inspection at a discounted rate as well as the free replenishment of any stations that require the bait to be replenished. See our TermiShield page for more info.

Why We Choose Baiting

When a baiting and monitoring system is installed it is the best way to get control of a Termite colony and is the only system that can guarantee execution of the colony. With this system, one can actually monitor if the termites are feeding and the client can rest assured that the colony is taken care of. None of this is possible with a conventional barrier system. The way this works is that once termite workers feed on termite bait, it softens their jaws and disables them to feed on timber in service due to the strength of their jaws that’s been affected. This means that if they feed on the bait, that is their only food source, take that source away and the colony will starve. This system is also the safest, as no chemicals are used as well as the most efficient and cost-effective way to deal with Termites.

Baiting vs. Barrier

The conventional Termite barrier has been around for a long time but has proven itself to not be effective nor comprehensive. The biggest issue with a barrier is that it can’t be monitored which forces you to be reliant on technicians that install it perfectly, and even so any shift in the soil or landscaping work that affects the barrier can render it completely useless.
Chemical Barriers (now referred to as Chemical Treated Zones) have been a standard for many years but the recent advancements in baiting systems have made them be outdated and risky. The fact that you cannot be sure of termite activity around your home or effectively monitor their engagement with the barrier keeps you in the dark.
Modern baiting systems, when installed properly, will provide you with an effective perimeter of control as well as giving you the opportunity to consistently and regularly monitor their activity around your home.
Another disadvantage of installing a termiticide barrier is the amount of harmful chemical that is distributed along your house and injected through the slab. Often over 400 litres of chemical is utilized in a single barrier which results in a massive amount of termiticide that resides in the soil for many years. This can facilitate termite colony control but comes at the cost of having that harmful termiticide around.

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