Termite Chemical Barrier

A Termite barrier means that a termiticide chemical is applied all round the foundation of a structure. The problem with a chemical barrier is that one cannot see what is going on beneath the soil and will only know it fails when Termites are back in the house. It acts like a fence and termites only need a 1.8mm gap in that “fence” to breach the barrier. No one can guarantee that Termites are not looking for a gap in that “fence” because no one can see what happens beneath the soil.

For a termite barrier to serve its purpose, it need to be completely continuous with absolutely no gaps. If there and any gaps it is like a house with an open door, anyone can come through it at any time. When a house with an existing Termite barrier gets extended, it is nearly impossible to add on to that barrier. The existing part have to be properly integrated with the extension part which is nearly impossible.

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